Monday, March 14, 2011


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Can I express to you how much I hate dislike daylight savings.
Holy cow.  It throws me off completely.  I slept in way late this morning because it didn't feel like it was that late which happened because I went to bed late last night because once again it didn't feel that late.  I mean really?  Who's bright idea was it to make it so that we have to change our clocks forward?  It only confuses me and succeeds in frustrating me because I can never figure out how it got to be so much later than it feels.  Okay, okay it only bothers me for the first few days, but seeing as how it is still only the first few days I feel like publicly complaining.

I suppose I do like daylight savings when it is fall back instead of spring forward.  Of course this is probably most likely because fall back is in my favor while spring forward is just cruel.  I would much rather gain an hour than lose one.

I have a very valid example that provides you with proof that spring forward is in deed cruel to me.  Saturday night/early Sunday morning I was laying in bed reading.  It was getting to be very late and I was thinking to myself how I probably should stop and go to sleep so that I could get up for 9 o'clock church.  I took a look at my phone and noticed that it was around 1:45 ish in the morning.  2 am was inching closer and I was not too keen on staying up much later than that since I had to be up around 8 in the morning.  I continued to read and got sucked in... which tends to happen to me when I read.  I realized that more time had probably passed than I had wanted and I looked at my phone once more.  3:15 am.  How in the world did it get to be 3 in the morning!?  I hadn't read that much in my book... not enough for it to have been a whole extra hours worth of reading.  How had I suddenly lost an hour?  This thought confused me all the way up to when I crawled into bed and turned out the light.  What the heck?!  How did a whole extra hour and half pass without me realizing it.  Then it hit me.  Daylight savings.  My phone's clock had moved forward and hour at 2 am.  Oh my gosh.  How could I have forgotten about daylight savings.  Geez.  Stupid clock and stupid person who thought up the stupid idea.... um, I mean, what?  I am a nice person and I commend the person who thought up the idea. It was a great idea....  End of complaining.   I'm tired and I'm rambling.  Goodnight blogging world.  I hope the change in time is sitting better with you than me.

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Lauren said...

Haha! Oh goodness, that's rough. It hasn't really affected me at all! I'm not sure why...usually it does, but not this year! You have my sympathy though, friend ;)