Thursday, February 17, 2011

someday my prince will come

I've made a little observation lately.
Engaged/married couples always look alike!  Some of them freakily so.
It's like they could be siblings or something.
If I didn't think it was so cute I'd probably think it was a tad creepy.
But I actually think it's really really cute.
It's like the match was made in heaven and it was completely meant to be.
Aw, love stories make me so happy!
I can't wait to find my prince.
He will be my best friend.
And we will live happily ever after :).
The End.

Now if I could only find him...

1 comment:

haze said...

Aww! I'm sure you will, dear Megan... just wait... :)♥

And yes, i think it's kinda weird and cute too... my soulmate and I actually look like siblings... haha. love it!