Friday, February 25, 2011

wait a little while

First of all, please allow me to vent for 2.5 seconds.
I am so frustrated!  I ordered Gilmore Girls season 3 almost 2 weeks ago, and it is still not here!
Ugh, I really really really want to watch it... right now!
Ok, that didn't sound immature at all.
mkay.  I'm done venting now.

After weeks of warm weather and no snow whatsoever, I woke up this morning to mounds of snow.
Seriously there was a ton of it!  Ok, so maybe not a ton, I'm sure you've probably seen worse,
but after so long without it it seemed like a lot!

I took a second to snap this photo with my phone before I dashed off to work:

I never know how to feel whenever it snows.  I don't know whether to feel excited/happy or sad/annoyed.
I like snow, I think that it is pretty and fun....for the first 10 minutes, after that it gets annoying.
But lucky enough for me snow in Utah sometimes doesn't even stay much longer than 10 minutes.

5 hours later when I arrived home from work this is what I found:
Ya, no snow.
If you don't like the weather in Utah, wait a little while and it'll change ;).

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Lauren said...

Your impatience for Gilmore Girls is all too understandable! I love, love, love that show! It's just so incredibly amazing. And when I watch one season all the way through, I just have to keep on going! ;) (no matter how many times I've already seen the series). It's just sooo good.

~Lauren :)