Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hmm yes.

Dear random boy at Ross,

I'm glad you liked my perfume.  & no I didn't think it was creeper to ask me what it was I was wearing,  because of course I am a creeper too :).  I am writing a letter to you on my blog aren't I?

your creeper friend.
a.k.a. - the cashier from Ross.

Yes, some random boy did ask me today what kind of perfume I was wearing and then told me it smelled nice one me.  Random? Yes.  I've never had a boy ask me that.  I've had girls ask me, but boys?  Not really.  He was a nice boy and not too bad looking either so I didn't really mind so much :).


Jessica Kay said...

Oh!!! That sounds exciting?! It helps when they are cute :D Lucky Megan!!

sarah♥'s:sugar said...

ha ha!love those moments. I agree good thing he was pretty cute and that you didn't mind ;) gotta love work moments the good and the bad. lylas>