Thursday, January 27, 2011


why is it that i never go to bed at a decent hour?

i really really really hate any form of public speaking.
sunday needs to get here fast so i can get my talk over with.

i think that the world of harry potter should be real.
i really want to live there and play quidditch and do magic. 
it sounds way more fun than my current life.

ah, crap.  once again i did not do my visiting teaching this month.
there is still a few more days to do it right?

i decided that i was going to watch gilmore girls in order again.
i have now finished season one.  unfortunately that's the only one i own :(.
good news is:  i ordered season two today :).

it's been my goal to start reading my scriptures for longer than 2 seconds a day.
so far? i'm failing.

i have to work in the morning.  ew.  work lately has been...
dramatic and annoying.

i have this saturday off of work.
i have no clue how i got so lucky. 
it is very rare for me to have saturday's off. 

i haven't worn makeup once in the past 4 months or so.
mostly because i'm just too lazy to put it on in the mornings.
guys like girls natural right?

pretty much my entire ward is pairing off.
where is my man?

one of my best friends, Allie, got her mission call.
panama city, panama.  spanish speaking.
i'm so excited for her :).

end rambling here.
what's been on your mind lately?


Jessica Kay said...

School and how crazy it is that I've had 3 tests since school started just a few weeks ago. Uhm....wonder where my man is as well.
Let's see...what show I will watch next. If I should buy boy meets world--yes that's about all right now. Oh yes, and I wonder how I will ever find my way around BYU campus. Its HUGE!

Steph said...

I wonder why I can't seem to focus loner than about 5 minutes on anything. It makes it really hard to do homework.

I wonder why Harry POtter cant be real.....that would be cool. Of course minus Voldermort. Tee Hee Hee.

Loves You Megan!