Friday, January 14, 2011

little details of winter.

Personally I am an autumn person.  I love the colors of fall time, they are so gorgeous!  I also love the beauty of spring time.  Everything is bright and vibrant.  I usually kind of view winter as ugly.  It's cold, wet, slushy and sometimes miserable.  I decided to take some pictures the other day because I was bored {my family decided to all leave me, geez rude} and I discovered how beautiful winter really is.  It's kind of a different kind of beauty, but it's nonetheless beautiful.  Even though I can't wait until it is spring time when I can get some pretty pictures of the new vibrant colors, I am growing fond of the darker tones of winter.  I love the look these pictures have where things are starting to poke out from under the snow.  It's starting to melt a little bit and things are beginning to peeking through.

Are you a fan of the winter time?


sarah♥'s:sugar said...

love love love these photo's.
you really do have a talent Meg!
i love seeing the photo's you put up everytime.
keep going ;)
love yeah!

Marieanne said...

beautiful pictures :)


morgan. said...

you know, sometimes i dont appreciate something until i take pictures of it. i totally feel you. & these are pretty great.

i do like the winter. however, sunshine is my favorite. you cant exactly sport shorts & flops in the winter.

Regina said...

Love love love these pictures!