Sunday, December 12, 2010

ya i'm an hp nerd.

After tomorrow it's over.  The semester is over.  I. Can. Not. Wait.  I'm finally almost done with my research paper [I should be finishing it now... but I'm writing this instead. ha.] and I have my biology final to take tomorrow.  Which I'm not even ready for.  AH!  I am not good at Biology.  At all.  And of course I haven't really put much effort into it this semester... probably because I hate it so much :(.  It's bad.  But I have to take the test tomorrow.  Like it or not.  Ready or not.  But, it's ok, cause then I will be DONE.  Oh sweet relief.  

I am so excited to be able to do things I want to!  Like read Harry Potter!!!  I know, random, but I've been wanting to re read the series so bad.  I already started reading the first one again.  I have read it already like 7+ times, but that was all between grades 4 and 8.  I don't think I've read it since 8th grade.  So far I have read things I didn't even remember!  I am excited to rediscover this series haha.  I haven't read any of the books for a few years, so it'll be fun.  I am such a Harry Potter nerd.  Yay for nerds :).


morgan. said...

"I am so excited to be able to do things I want to!"

i agree with you 120 percent.

Regina said...

You're so funny! Love Harry Potter too!

beatlesgirl said...

You haven't a read a book in a few years. You sad deprived child. You need to broaden your outlook, and find a new series to read ;). It will be good for you. haha Harry Potter is great though. :)

{m.e.g}.a.n ♥ said...

I read 5 books this summer, plus one over spring break. Therefore, I have read at least 6 books this year. May not be as many as you :P, but it's something.