Friday, December 31, 2010

goals & desires for the year [twenty eleven]

Oh my goodness.  It's the last day of 2010.  Never again will it be the year 2010.  For some reason that always weirds me out.  To think that it's never going to be today again.  I know it's like that with everyday... but for some reason it really hits me when it's the last day of the year.  I'm weird, don't ask.  This year has been good.  I've discovered a lot of things about myself.  Some things good, and some things I need to change.  I'm grateful that I have another year to work on these things and to find out more about myself so that I can become that better person I am striving to be.  There are a few things that I hope to accomplish or do this next year.  Some are simple little things and some are big things that may take a lot of work.

become a better photographer

get over my fear of posing people 
when it comes to taking portraits

become better at editing photos

maybe try and sell some of my photos?

grow in my testimony of The Gospel.

become closer to my Heavenly Father 
and to my Savior Jesus Christ

read my scriptures and pray daily

figure out what I am doing with my life
(this one is proving to be a hard one at the moment)

get some new camera equipment
camera bag
extra battery
new lenses

finish my associates degree?
or at least get close

work on my relationships with my family

become more tolerant about things

work on my fear of the male species
they intimidate me. especially if they are attractive and smell good :P

print out blog posts since I haven't really
been keeping a journal.  for the most part my blog
has been my journal

learn how to get out of my comfort zone

become a better daughter, sister, and friend (and blogger ;])

Happy New Years!

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morgan. said...

i'm the same way... i used to have a journal, but blogging has become my replacement for that...

it makes my empty notebook pages look sad & rejected.

moment of silence for neglected journals.