Saturday, November 20, 2010

ode to winter.

Negativity was all I could focus on there for a while when it came to the thought of winter coming.  I was sad that fall was ending.  I wasn't ready for the endless cold and snow that was to come.  I am still not all that happy about the endless snow that will come.  However, now that winter is upon us I am remembering that I really do love winter... it's just that this love only  lasts till the end of December usually.  But anyway,  some of my favorites of winter are:

Hot Chocolate! :D Yum.
Warm comfy pj's.
Snuggling up in warm blankets.
Paper snow flakes.
Christmas lights.
Christmas music
[although preferably after Thanksgiving ;)]
The beautiful sight of Snow.
Snow flakes falling.
Ice Skating.
Christmas Candy.
The Christmas cheer.


I have discovered a new love.  Cinnamon graham crackers with hot chocolate.  Dipping the graham crackers in the hot chocolate is especially delicious ♥.

*Oh my, I am so sorry!  I have neglected my challenge.  Oops.  I was doing so well too.  I promise I'll get back on it tomorrow!

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