Saturday, November 6, 2010

day | THIRTEEN |

Your favorite musician and why?

Right now I think it'd be Taylor Swift.  She is one talented girl.  Her new CD Speak Now is pretty much my favorite right now.  There seriously isn't one crappy song on there.  I've never owned a CD where I have loved every single song on it.  She may not have the best voice on this planet, but she has mad song writing skills.  She is an amazing lyricist.  I find it amazing that she wrote this album entirely on her own AND managed to sell OVER 1 million copies of it in the first week, beating multiple records.  I love how she has the ability to put emotions and feelings into word forms and make it sound like poetry.  She has the ability to word things so that they make so much sense.  I am a person who values the words to songs greatly.  I think it's the best and most important part. Melody and the tune is also important and luckily she is pretty good at supplying a catchy tune as well :).  

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