Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Your dream wedding

My dream wedding.  Okay here it goes:

I will be getting married in a Temple.  Like this one {still haven't decided which one yet}

I will be wearing a ring similar to this one {or whatever else I like at the time}. I'm a fan of white gold and square diamonds.
[picture via here]

My wedding dress will be similar to this one {with 3/4 length sleeves preferably}.  I like empire waists and gathers in the fabric.
[picture via here]

My flowers will be Gerber Daisies. I ♥ them.
[picture via Google]
My bouquet will be full of these guys :)

My colors will be one of the following combinations.  I cannot get it narrowed down.  Good thing I have plenty of time right!?

Purple & silver

Pink & orange

Pink & brown

Red & Black

And who knows.  I might even have a different set of colors picked out when my actual wedding comes around. I'm indecisive like that ;).

I think I will be wearing converse.  Or at least something comfortable.  In whatever color I choose for my wedding colors.
[pictures via Google]

Yummy, chocolaty brownies will be served.
[picture via Google]

I also hope that my wedding picture turn out as gorgeous as some I have seen!
[picture via here]

Side Note:  I refuse to have a line at my wedding!  I will not stand there for 2 hours!  I know, I know your thinking then how are you going to see everyone? I've decided that I'm not really going to remember who all came to my reception anyway, unless they are really close friends and those close friends will be close enough to me that they will find me at my reception to hug and congratulate me :).

And... well that's about it.  Who knows it may be different than what I have planned now, but I sure do have some ideas on the matter! :)  It will be a beautiful day no matter what.

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