Friday, November 12, 2010

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Another picture of yourself

I could post a cute picture of me on here, just like every other person probably has done with this challenge.  But I am not going to.  I have chosen today to share with you the real me.  You see, I don't know how to take a normal picture, when it is not required.  There are millions of very unflattering pictures of myself on my computer, on my camera, and on Facebook.  And well, I just don't care.  I figure if you are going to be my friend, then you had better get acquainted with all my crazy little quirks.  
This was just one of the MANY crazy pictures of myself taken at college.  Taking weird unflattering pictures is kind of an unwritten rule of college.  Me and my roommates pretty much had this art perfected.

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Neish Ka-Peish said...

I just have to tell you that I love reading your blog. You always have the cutest ideas and great thoughts. Keep it up! :D