Friday, October 22, 2010

unorganized randomness

note to self:
next time,
don't get glitter toes professionally done.
do them yourself.
too expensive & much to easy to pick off.
which is most definitely what I did, rest assured.

things not to do before going to bed:
1. get on the computer
2. start reading blogs
3. look at photography {i can never quite peel my eyes away from it}
4. get on facebook
these things most ALWAYS result in me losing track of time and never getting to bed.

dollar store employees must not get paid enough.
they look very bored & don't put much effort into being cheerful.

someday I will be an amazing
just you watch.

i find inspiration from looking at photography 
and reading people's blog.
now if only i could figure out what to do with that inspiration.

Christmas comes WAY too early in the stores these days.
i seriously feel like Halloween and Thanksgiving 
have already come and gone.
by the time Christmas actually gets here.
I'll be sick of it.

i wish fall lasted longer than it does.
winter will be here sooner than i'd like and then it never goes away.
fall and winter should switch places.
fall can be the one that lasts half the year and winter can be the one that lasts only about a month.

utah weather is stupid. 
it's supposed to snow next week.
according to observation the past couple years.
it'll probably happen. 
at least around halloween time.
way too soon in my book.

i should probably actually play my flute.
it's been 6 months since i've played.
that'd be 8 yrs down the drain if i quit now.
what a waste.

my cat thinks he owns my bed.
he plops himself right in the middle & then looks offended when i make him move.
it's my bed!  i was here first.

i once again did not do homework or even look at my online classes.
i really need to do that.

i like glitter and the color purple a lot. 
a little too much probably.
my room and clothing are direct results of the purple affair.
about  7 or 8 purple shirts, purple walls, purple bedding, purple lamp, purple wall decor, purple accessories, and a number of other purple items scatter my room.
it's been this way since i can remember.
i've never not liked the color purple.

i'm currently seriously failing in following through on my goals.
it is currently 12:58 am and i am not in bed.  early to bed?  FAIL.
i still haven't done my classes. get caught up on school? FAIL.
my room is still not entirely clean.  get my room organized?  FAIL.
i haven't posted pictures for my 365 project for the past three days.  keep up to date on photo blog?  FAIL.
um, there are a number of other things that i am currently failing on but i think you get the point.

okay, i think i have rambled enough for one night.
end of post.

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Neish Ka-Peish said...

Sweet friend, our minds think alike. Unfortunately my mind bounces from topic to topic like this right when I'm trying to fall asleep. I love this post! <3