Thursday, October 7, 2010

dreams really do come true.

There is this girl who I kind of blog stalk quite frequently...I know, creeper.  I think she has the coolest blog.  ever. Her is name is Megan. Not only does she have the coolest blog, but she has the coolest name too, but maybe I'm just biased.  Well, anyway it's kind of been a dream of mine for her to comment on my blog.  I don't really know why.  Maybe cause I secretly wish that the coolest blogger of all times read my blog and maybe, just maybe thought it was somewhat partially cool..?  Ha, this is a joke of course because my blog isn't even close to being cool.  I get kind of jealous of all those cool blogs out there.  Maybe someday I'll become as cool as them, but for now I'll just be content with the fact that the coolest blogger commented on my blog.

{a twisted fairytale}

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