Wednesday, October 27, 2010

day | THREE |

A photo of the perfect first date
I think that the perfect date for me would be anything where you can actually get to know the other person.  Which is basically anything that isn't a movie or a dance.  I mean really.  Movies?   Can you even talk to the other person during a movie?  NO.  So then why would you go to  movie if you want to get to know the person.  In my mind I think that dates are to get to know people of the opposite gender so that you can potentially some day find your spouse.  The same goes with dances.  I dunno.  They're fun and all but it's hard to talk to your date when the music is blasting so loud that you can barely hear anything.  I think these two things are great ideas for dates if you have known each other for those couples who already know each other really well.  Bowling is a great first date :).  It's fun and you have time to actually talk and get to know the other person. It seems like everyone I know who is doing this challenge has chosen bowling too.  Hmm, maybe says that boys need to chose bowling when they ask you out on the first date :).  I wouldn't be opposed to that.  Now if only a boy would actually ask on a date.   *hint hint* to those boys who read this.  Not really sure if there are any but you know ha ha.  Worth a try right?
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