Thursday, October 28, 2010

day | FOUR |

Your favorite photograph of your best friend

okay so this is my favorite picture of my TWO best friends, Allie & Tonya.  And yes I am in there too :).  This is my favorite picture of us three, the three stooges.  I think I like this picture so much because our personalities show in it.  It's not just a lame picture that we posed for, it's one where we look genuinely look happy and like we are having fun together.  All three of us have this picture framed in a friend frame,  this is because I framed mine and then gave a framed copy of it to both of them but still I think it's awesome :).  Me and Allie at least have it in our rooms.  I'm not so sure about Tonya because she's all married now lol.  

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