Friday, September 24, 2010


I have a problem.
I like to stalk people.
via blogs & facebook.
I just can't help it haha,  I love reading blogs :D.
& well, most people have little links on their blogs that lead to... other people's blogs!
it's pretty much amazing, although I should probably stop trying to live my life vicariously through other peoples lives haha.
Um.... I'll work on breaking that habit tomorrow ;).
for now, i like stalking people.
it reminds me of this picture:
Um, I'm not a creeper... of course not. 
this picture has a story to it.
You see, I once lived in this awesome apartment complex which we nick named the fish bowl.
the reason we have given it this name is because it consists of two different buildings which are facing each other.
Which means that everyone's front windows are facing each other.
This is seriously just an invitation for spying/stalking people.  
Whenever I was bored, I decided I was going to watch people from our window.
I thought it was entertaining, and oh come on, everyone was doing it! 
my roommates decided that i was a creeper, so they took this picture of me and I edited it to be this awesome photo you see here :).

here's to stalking people on the web!  [come on you know you want to ;)]

megan ann

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Regina said...

You're so funny! I stalk people on their blogs and facebook too! But you know, when you post things on the internet, you know there are people reading it. Even people we don't know....