Saturday, September 25, 2010

comments make me happy. why yes, yes they do

so, i put a counter at the bottom of my blog.
i set it so that it is supposed to tell me how many individual people have looked at my blog.
it says 91.
who are these people i wonder?
as i said in one of my posts the other day, i like to stalk people's blogs.
but i guess i've never really thought that anyone actually looked at mine haha.
so um, who are you people?
just a bit curious.
i really do like comments :).
so you can comment.
you can make yourselves known to me.
that link down below this post, you know the one that says "0 liked this"?
you click on that and you can write comments to me!
seriously comments make me super happy.
so i think you should do it.
really :).

anyway, so um, i think it's really award when people come through my line at work and i know who they are but yet they don't say anything (even though i know... or at least thought they know who i am)
It's at that point that i am thinking, do i say something?  or do i just act like i don't know them, because that's obviously what they are doing to me. 
it's slightly weird.
i am not at all sure that i like it.
like today at work for example.
there was this girl there shopping.
i knew her at one time, but then we kind of lost contact for a while.
she has been there before (and has come through my line when i'm cashiering), but she kind of avoids eye contact with me.
i thought i was just imagining things the last time, but today when i saw here we made eye contact, just for a split second!  and then quickly, she looked away.
what's up with that!
maybe she is thinking the same thing as me.
or maybe she isn't.
i don't know.
& i guess i never will.
it's days like today that i really wish i wasn't so afraid to speak up and say hi.

ps: typing with long nails is annoying. i hate it.

megan ann.

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