Thursday, June 10, 2010

institute = tender mercy in my life

I have decided that Institute is definitely a tender mercy from the Lord! I absolutely LOVE going to institute. This last school year I decided that institute was absolutely my favorite class EVER. Too bad it doesn't contribute to my education haha, or else I'd probably ace college. Since I have been home for the past month and have no institute class I have noticed a slight difference. When I was in school and going to institute a couple times a week, it was like things flowed better. The month I didn't have it... wasn't bad... but it didn't flow the same either. It's very hard to explain but the difference is there and I have noticed it. But, tonight I was able to finally attend institute again. Me and my sister signed up for a summer institute class with one of our seminary teachers from high school. It's called "the infinite atonement", and I can already tell it's going to be awesome! I love my teacher as well, so that's a huge bonus. He was one of my favorite seminary teachers from high school. Anyway, I am so pumped!!! Institue already has made me feel better. It's so awesome how that works! I love institute and I can totally testify how important it is to us young single adults. It is so AMAZING to be able to go and spend time with other single adults who share the same feelings as me, and who are there because they want to be. I think it's so awesome how many come, because it's not like we're in high school anymore. We're adults and our parents aren't telling us what to do so much anymore. People are coming to institute because they want to and because they care. I LOVE that so much.
I'm excited to continue with this class. Wish it was more than just once a week... but hey, I'll take what I can get!

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