Monday, June 22, 2009

the things that make life meaningful for me

I realized after I posted this that at one point it might be a little bit hard to read the text around some pictures that I posted. I don't think it should be too difficult but ya. Sorry about that haha. You'll see what I mean when you get there. ;).

I have decided to blog about the things in life that make it meaningful for me. Honestly there are things in life that I honestly don't think I could live without haha. I mean I could, I would survive and everything, but these things just make life joyful and better, not just lived.

#1) The Gospel:

I honestly don't know where I would be without the church. My faith isn't perfect right now and sometimes I find myself doubting that things will work out and stuff, but honestly when it comes right down to it I'm glad I have something that provides such great hope for life. I mean I don't know where I'd be or how I would be able to live day to day not knowing the things I know. The Gospel lets me know that there is a purpose in life and that I am here for a reason. It's not just a pointless adventure like some people in the world view it as. There is a definite plan and I have some direction in my life. I know what I'm working towards. I think that life would be a lot more difficult for me if I didn't know these things. With the way I handle stress I think I would be in the hospital with a heart attack and ulcers, because I would be a heck of a lot more stressed out if I didn't have any clue on where I was going in life. Sure, right now I don't know where I'm going exactly but I know where I'm going in the big view of things. I'm just really glad that I was born into such a great blessing, and that I do know what's going on in life.

#2) Music:

For some reason I just can't imagine life without music. I just love it so much! I don't know when exactly this love of music began but I have had lots of great music teachers who may have had a part in it. I have been blessed my whole life to have great music instructors and to be in great music programs ever since elementary school. In fourth - sixth grade I had a great music teacher. She is actually teaching choir at our high school now, but she is amazing! She really got into teaching music. I have many many memories of doing the school musicals she put on every year and singing in the concerts she would put on, learning the recorder and even going to early morning ukelele class. I think she really established that foundation for what became my almost addiction to music. Once a year the high school band would come on their elementary band tour and they would play for us. I especially remember the marching band. I was so impressed by their performances that I really really wanted to learn an instrument and play in the band. At first I was thinking clarinet and then I changed it to flute because I liked the piccalo actually haha. But when it came time to sign up for elementary band I chickened out. First of all I was the first on in my family to play an instrument. My parents had tried when younger but didn't carry any of that on. Second I had heard that the flute was hard or something like that so I didn't sign up. I finally got up the courage to sign up in seventh grade for junior high band. I signed up for flute and haven't stopped playing since. There were times when it got hard or competetive (beleive me there is a lot of competition in the flute section haha. Too many flute players and limited spots in the good bands), and I seriously wanted to quit. But I kept pressing on. When it came time in 9th grade for marching band, I once again chickened out cause I didn't have any friends in it and it sounded hard. So I didn't do it but once I got to tenth grade I had lots of friends that were involved and they convince me to do it. That got hard too and I wanted to quit but I didn't. I ended up loving it and was very sad when I graduated and had to leave it behind. I realized in high school how blessed I was to be in such a great program. Mr. Miller did so much to help us be the best we could be. We were the top band program in the state and for a while I took that for granted. Now that I have graduated and attend Snow College where there are many many students there in the music programs that told me they would have killed to be in the program I had been in for 6 years. I look back and feel oh so blessed for being apart of the American Fork High School band program. It was hard while there but it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I learned that the good things in life are worth working for and most of the time they do take a lot of work! But, seriously music is definately a big part of my life. I love making music and listening to music. Without it life would be a dull world indeed.

#3) Family:

Family is a very important part of my life. They seriously get on my nerves some days and I'm not always very patient with them, but I don't know where I would be without them. Literally i wouldn't exist without my parents haha, but my family is also the ones who help me with my problems and stuff. Family is also how we learn skills that we will use in the real world. Communication skills and even just how to get a long with others. People aren't perfect and therefore aren't always easy to get a long with perfectly. I found that when I was away at college I really did miss my family. It was weird. I was so excited to move out because I was annoyed with my brothers and my parents nagging about things, but once I was actually out I wanted to go back home. I got home sick. I was scared to death when my parents dropped me off at college. I still rememeber that feeling. I'm kind of scared to move out again in August because of that feeling haha. I was shocked at how homesick I was actually. Now that I'm back home for the summer I honestly can't wait till I'm out again.... but when I think back on that feeling of homesickness I'm glad I'm home lol. Anyway, without family I would be alone and I don't want to be alone so I'm glad I have family and don't know where I'd be without them.

#4) Friends:

I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends in my life! There was a time in my life when I honestly didn't think I'd find any great friends lol. In jr high finding friends was a struggle for me. I think it was just because I had a hard time getting out of my comfort zone or something like that. But once I got to about 9th grade I started to find friends who have stuck for the most part. Obviously I have graduated from college so only a few of them are still around but I also found great friends in college! I don't know where I would be without my friends They are truly amazing examples to me and have taught me many lessons in my life. I had a lot of great friends in high school (I have a lot more great friends who are not pictured here unfortunately, some I don't have pictures of on my computer or I just can't fit all of the pictures) who were just so good and made me want to be a better person all of the time. Other's helped me to learn things about myself or about life and how to handle things. I think it's important to have friends, especially ones who will lift you up and make you feel good about yourself, or help you to learn important life lessons. It's nice to know that you have people by your side besides your family too during times of trials and hard times. I really hope that some of my closer friends will be with me into the next life as well. I made some great friends at college as well, and have learned great things from many of them. I hope to be able to get to know some of them even better this next year. I don't know where I would be in my life without my friends. They are definately pretty close up there with family. Some of them I feel like they are actually family haha. Which is great. Because it's like I have a bigger family, some of them just don't live with me.

Well, there ya have it. A few of the things that make life truly meaningful to me. Without these things I don't know where I would be. I also don't think that life would be as joyful and fun without them either! :).

- m e g a n

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