Monday, June 15, 2009

kelly clarkson LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I had the chance to go to a Kelly Clarkson concert last Thursday with my sister and cousin. It was at UVU's baseball stadium, so it was an outdoor concert. It was awesome!!! The concert actually got rained on a little bit because it had been storming all day, but it wasn't a very hard rain and a huge double rainbow showed up behind the stage! It was so pretty. This was my first concert experience and it was so fun!
We started out the night by going to Zupas which is a sandwhich, soup, and salad place that's so good! I love it.

{these are pictures of us eating at Zupas!}

Then we headed to the stadium. The show started out with the finalists of Utah's Got Talent as the pre show. So basically Utah's Got Talent was the pre show. They judged them and awarded them and everything. There was one band that was awesome! They were called Imagine Dragon. I guess the members of the band were going to BYU at one point. One of them was in Heather's ward (she is the cousin we went with) at BYU. They recently moved to Las Vegas and are supposed to be recording there debut album sometime soon. They won Utah's Got Talent as well :). They are pretty sweet. After this we finally got to here from Kelly herself!!! She sounds absolutely amazing live! I was pleased. Some singers sound aweful live so I was really hopeing that she was not one of them. I'm glad to know that she can actually sing :), but I guess she did win American Idol so she would have to be able to sound good live haha. Here are some of the pictures my sister took while we were there. She was the one with the camera :). There is also a video of the last song she sang "My Life Would Suck Without You".

{if you look closely you can see the second rainbow... a little bit fainter}

{and of course I always have feet pictures haha!}

Here is the video. You should watch the boy wearing the black shirt. He's pretty funny at times haha. And towards the end of the video you see me and Heather rockin out! Emily was filming so she is not in this sadly.

- m e g a n

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