Sunday, February 8, 2009

Okay, wow I haven't written on here in a long time! Life has been crazyness I guess. I have started my second semester of college now and actually have a job for the semester! I am working as a night custodian. I clean the humanities building and the student center on campus. It only works me 5 days a week for 2 hours. 10-midnight is when I work. It's not bad... but not ideal. There is nothing else hiring though so this is pretty much it.

I have finally decided what I am going to major and minor in. I am planning on going into Early Childhood Education and minoring in Music. It should be fun. There really isn't an Early Child Ed program at Snow, but there are some prep classes that I can take for it. But there is a very good music program. So my plan is just to get my generals out of the way and take the prep class for child ed and take the music classes I need. Who knows I might find myself spending a little more time at snow than I originally anticipated...

I think I wrote about this on here... but I moved out of my dorm from last semester and in with Brittany. It's been good but there were some rocky moments there in the beginning. It just so happens that we react to stress in the exact same way. This is sometimes not the best thing, because when one of us is stressed we sometimes stress the other one out haha. We have just had to learn how to make things work & I have to say that things are working out a whole lot better now that we have gotten used to roomming together.
There is now a new girl in our hall. Her name is Siciley. She is a really nice girl and fun to hang out with. We actually have psychology together so that is fun =). She is actually going to be working with me as a custodian now so that should be good. Then I will have someone to walk home with at night when I am done. Brittany used to work with me but quit when she got another job cause she hated that one. It was just not for her I guess haha.

Before I end this post I have to tell you a story. So me, Brittany, and Siciley all decided randomly that we wanted to dress up a little and go out into nature and take pictures. We were kind of looking for an old barn or something as a back drop. We went in Kaitlins car to find a place. On the road inbetween Ephraim and Manti there was a dirt road off to the side, so we decided to follow it. We came up on an old abandoned looking house. Everything looked abandoned except for the fact that there were sheep. There were even dead animal carcases all over the yard and everything. There was a mom dog and her puppies. Kaitlin and Brittany thought that they were abandoned and wanted to take them home with them. But me and Siciley didn't think they were. They looked way to fed to be abandoned. We were playing with the puppies and exploring the house and farm a bit. I took like a million picutures (I'll post a few at the end of this post). Siciley and Brittany ended up actually going into the house while me and Kaitlin stayed in the car. We had one of the puppies in the car with us. Kaitlin had kept saying from the time that we got to the house that it looked like the scene of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Don't ask me why she saw that! I don't know why. But the scene was a little bit FREAKY! I was kind of creeped out by it. A little while later we saw Brittany running full speed towards the car yelling there's someone coming! A farmer is coming! Over there on that fourwheeler! and then she would yell back for Siciley to come on. Siciley didn't know why Brittany was running and yelling but she ran after her and ended up dropping her cell phone in the process. She jumped in the car saying I dropped my phone! I dropped my phone! turn back and get it NOW! I have never seen kaitlin back up so fast in my life. We drove off just as we saw the farmer guy drive by us on the four wheeler. We had two puppies in the car at this time so we were trying to hide them so it didn't look like we were steeling them... although we were we realized at this point haha. All he did was smile and wave. We turned around to go get Siciley's phone. We saw him stop check on the sheep and then drive off again. We got her phone and drove off to Siciley's Aunts house. She lives down the road from that place. She was out of town but some family friends were there taking care of the house. We asked them what they thought about the puppies but they were like me and didn't think they were abandoned haha. So we actually went and took them back. We talked about going back to that house at night and making a scary movie... but I dont' think I could handle that!!!! That would be too much for me. That place scared me in the DAYLIGHT! There is no way I would go back at NIGHT!

Anyway, that was quite the adventure. I think it is so funny cause last semester when we had our Richfield experience with locking Kaitlins keys in the car and stuff I had missed flute choir for that adventure. On the day we found that farm I was missing flute choir and when we were in the car I said that something was probably going to happen cause I was missing flute choir. haha I was totally psychic!!!! It was awesome =).

Here are some of the pictures from our little adventure:

- m e g a n ♥


Regina said...

Hahaha! So funny! Love all your creepy pictures! I'm glad you decided on a major. Early Childhood Ed. is a good one!

Jessica said...

Wow that sounds like it was fun. I'm glad you guys didn't steal the puppies though lol

Steph said...

Your funny! Luv U!