Thursday, July 24, 2008

ipod & the dark knight!

Wow, I haven't written anything on here for a few days. I ordered an iPod off of ebay last week and it came in the mail a couple of days ago. It is an old generation 4 (that's quite a few models back lol) but it holds 20G, which is about 10,000 songs. That is a TON! The screen is not in color or anything and it is a little bit thicker than the newer ones which makes it a little bit heavier. But hey, what the heck. At least it is an iPod lol. I just wanted something that I could take to school with me to listen to music. I wont have anything else to listen to music with besides my laptop so it works. It was $110 which is way cheaper than the newer iPods haha.
Anyway, tonight I went to see Batman: The Dark Knight. I hadn't seen Batman Begins for a long time so me and Jessica watched that one and then went to see The Dark Knight. I thought it was pretty good. It's not exactly my favorite type of movie, but I enjoyed it.
Well, I should probably go to bed. All of a sudden it is 1:11 am...I didn't even realize it was that late...dang.
Good night!



Regina said...

That's cool about the ipod! I bought one for Sean for his birthday, now I want one too!! I also want to see The Dark Knight. I just don't think it's a good movie to take Nick or Jayden to. Maybe someday...

Jessica said...

Dark Knight is good. For me it is my favorite but i'm into that kind of stuff. lol. And your iPod is just fine. Its a great grandpa but as long as it works it's totally cool. ":D

Jen said...

Just stopping in to say HELLO!

I will miss seeing you every week. Keep your blog going while you are at Snow so I can stay updated.

Keep in touch,

The OLD Hag